Âme impatiente..

A nonsense title for another stupid post. I’m feeling quite obnoxious tonight, not sure why… it’s been some time I haven’t written anything, mostly due to lack of time rather than of will. Moving on… I’m now working at the Douane bureau with an office facing northwestward and on the night shift, that means: sunsets! Yeah, took this picture today then decided to write again (saw some old photos and got the nostalgia..)


You can see the (roof, actually) Resoiarnne (Solchuk’s guildhall) with the kimirićim flag on the top, the big ‘open space’ in front of it is the Place de la Mairie with several administrative buildings around. The white building is a residential building but has been used before as a government office until the completion of the Tour Veritas on the corner of the Marion-Dufresne Avenue and the Fessieux Boulevard.

So, I got reassigned, finally! Actually I was planning to move to another police department, but then I had the opportunity to move to the border police and here I am. Got rid of stupid Leclerc, heh… lots of cases to look involving the fake visas mafias, there is more than one now, apparently. Mwah, have to sleep, sun’s almost coming up, good summer days. ahh..








The wind that blows to the Sun

While rummaging through my desk, I found a letter written by me when I still had that small cottage by the Morbihan Bay… good times. I used to jog by the beach until the Notre Dame des Vents then stay there for a moment or so despite the not so uncommon winds… it is weird, on hot days the chilly wind blowing as if it tried to cool the Sun. But, hey, it is the Sun that generates the wind! It is the created against the creator… nonsense. 😛

So, looking for old pictures on my phone, I found one exactly after these daily joggings:
nddvBeautiful baie, that was before sunset… 7pm, I guess, mid February… I really miss these times.
This monument is in northwestern Solchuk, close to the Autoroute de l’Étoiles (it is named because before there was actually a road, people travelled north and southbound guided only by the stars) and it is a great sight! It overlooks the whole bay, there are boat races everyday (Universities alumni or amateurs) and the monument itself is a masterpiece, very touching.

It is 6 am now, and I got to go, pack my things and take the bus. See ya later!


A morning on the shore

Here I stay on this cloudy day. Staring at the shipwrecks, on my rock, feeling the cold enter my nostrils and chill my lungs. The sound of the breeze as strong as a storm wind but still a breeze; the silence and peacefulness of that place amazes me, not my body, but the soul. The body shivers with the cold wind coming from the sea, my buttocks frozen from the cold rock where I sit, my face burns and my head hurts. Aside that, my soul relaxes. It is not masochism, far from that, but being here is just awkwardly singular. Hundreds might have been on this beach, but a few have went this far… the old and mysterious village of Ojlen, not far from Ćimiarića, roughly 20 km away, and a couple more of kilometres from Berestraultz. The derelict power station, despite the harsh conditions, stays upright on the horizon, the conveyor belts and power lines complementing the sight. The old and abandoned railway is still there, spanning from and to the nowhere. Closing my eyes I can hear the waves breaking, the albatrosses soaring around and taste the void.




It is a magic moment, either sunrise or sunset. It is the moment one can look directly (or almost directly) to the Sun and wonder about all the energy that comes out from it. Since when I bought solar panels and put them on the rooftop I get amazed on how it keeps shining for thousands and millions of years. Source of knowledge for some and a god to others.

Watching the silent city regain life with this behemoth of the skies! It is astonishing!! When I was a child I loved to lay on the cold grass with no clothes and feel the subtle warm that the Sun offered to us. Perhaps I was just pissing my mother off, but nowadays I remember that as a remembrance of how tiny we are. Millions of kilometres away but still we feel it.

The sky becomes a live painting, the birds sing as if they were happy to see the light once more. The trees bend towards it (now I know it is called heliotropism, thank you Yahoo! and yes, I don’t use google! Blame me if you want to) and the cycle begins once more.

Finally I’ve fixed up my mobile phone! As an apology for not posting for days, here is a beautiful (not that much) sunrise seen from my balcony:


Bye bye!

La poupée qui fait non

… this very song is stuck in my head since this morning. I like it – in fact, Michel Polnareff is one of my favourite composers, you know it, don’t ya? -, but as soon as I got on my desk Leclerc began to sing this song every time he saw me. Grotesque boy! Weather is still awful, at least less windy than yesterday. 2 Celsius outside and 40 km/h winds. Nothing better than sleep on a warm bed during a cold night.

Well, today was a normal day. Left home before 7:30, the sun wasn’t above the horizon yet – it doesn’t help to get out of bed early, but a police officer have to work! The Peugeot is still at the repair centre, so I rode a bus bound to Quartier de Bureaux, got off near rue d’Italie and walked three blocks until I got to the department on Blvd Amiral de Kerguélen. It is a six-lane boulevard with a central reservation with several kiosks and tables. Usually I have lunch at the Kioskitanie, the chef, monsieur Izar, makes a great bouillabaisse! And today wasn’t an exception 🙂

As usual, I sat on my desk all day long writing random stuff.. can’t wait to move to another department. I was considering Blokaria dpt., it’s more exciting. Ćasatla witnessed a robbery two days ago, another one yesterday. Same person, a guy from Ouagadougou… had to pay a debt for someone who arranged a fraudulent marriage for a visa scam. It is getting common, unfortunately.

Aside from nothing, I did nothing special today. Keeping my promise, I’m writing another page on my diary. Perhaps I’m not what Leclerc said. Ah, Danielle asked to go out tomorrow after our shift, I had to say yes…

Toute la journée elle fait oui, oui. 🙂


My daily chronicles

It is now 19:22 and the weather isn’t so great. Outside, 5 degrees Celsius, inside, warm and comfy. Yeah, I’m not in the mood for going out tonight. Leclerc (yes, my workmate) invited me to the Abyssinia (an Ethiopian restaurant near his place, haven’t been there though), but I had to decline… je suis desolée, got to blame the weather. Yeah, yeah, I love to describe the environment, the weather, it is relaxing. I will try to fix my camera so I will annex some photographs from my window, it is a nice view.

Well, it is my first entry on this diary and my inspiration is gone already. Later, or by tomorrow morning, I will write more. Thanks for understanding me! Bisous